• [Update] GovernmentWare 2017

    Quantiq Govware 2017

    GovWare 2017 is just next month!

    With devastating cyber attacks targeting large and small enterprises in recent times, the need to secure your organisation’s network infrastructure is becoming ever so vital, be it an IT-centric, OT-centric or even an IT/OT environment. 

    Join us at our booth as we tackle the holistic problems businesses are facing today when securing their IT and industrial infrastructure. 

    Govware 2017 Quantiq International Booth


    Our ever-popular GovWare Quiz is coming back again this year! 
    Quantiq GovWare Quiz Prizes It's never easy dealing with security. Have a cuppa coffee - or tea - on us!

    From 14th Aug – 7th Sept, answer the quiz correctly on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and win* Starbucks coffee gift cards worth $20 each!

    Stay tuned to our social media platforms for more quiz and event details!


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